Willkommen! привет! ¡Hola! Howdy!

This whole place is a big freakin' mess. That's what I get for playing around with new stuff and just not caring if it's production ready.

Eventually I'll turn this into a proper SPA and clean things up but for now, proceed with caution! Hic sunt dracones.

A random website filled with random stuff from a random guy.


Words and things go here. There's no real rhyme or reason to them.

I like American football and Super Bowl LV starts in:


I really want to see the underdog team that hasn't been in the big game get the win, which means I'm rooting for the Bucs, just that I don't want to see Brady get another ring. Suppose that I'm really hoping the Chiefs will win, then. Argh!

Popular Tools

“Popular” is a relative term but compared to my other projects, someone other than me used these once upon a time. Probably never touched them again, but at least I wasn't the only one to take them for a spin.


A bunch of odd little things done during annual “Project 52” (52 projects in 52 weeks) self assignments.